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les anarchistes quand iels doivent utiliser des structures de contrôle en programmant

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you: hello

me: im not reading all that

apple event ranting 

tbh i'm laughing, this is so much fun

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apple event ranting 

and you are telling us they are the same ;_;

they literally did NOTHING

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apple event ranting 

"as you can see we are going big with iPhone 14"


I love how all the rumours are wrong about the apple event as of what they've already shown

Uuuuugh and when I come in I have to find the person that dropped my DNS records and blocked the ports to the server that’s literally holding the entire CS department together.

Preparing to go to work and finishing 12 hours later is kinda depressing

"built by developers for developers"

i mean we the only ones that can code BY DEFINITION

USB 4 becoming a thing


most sold USB C cables being wired only for USB 1.1 power or USB 2.0 data

Windows: what is my purpose

Me: you download the arch iso when I mess up

Windows: oh noo

The systems administrator leaving my body when I’m asked to grub install

Stop maintaining lawns. They are the literally responsible for the death of ecosystems in populated areas.

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I hate the sound of lawnmowers. Especial the big ones used for parks and public spaces. They really prevent me from doing anything productive.

Okay. I really HATE Gnome and Wayland together.

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the romantic tension between me and using "fallen down" by tobby fox as a background music for some video lessons

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