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not up to code gender

(pending approval from the DOG)

(department of gender)

french postal service tracking has been down for more than a week

they don't communicate on the outage

interconnection with other UPU providers seems degraded

i hope that it's only a front office issue

I’m home, I’ve walked 5 km. It has been a while.

still doing it though. pain is part of my existence. it can’t stop me.

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me: goes for a walk

my body: this action is not supported. to remove the lower abdomen pain please choose between cash or credit.

tbh i was hooked because i liked the sound of the chess pieces on the board

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talking about the queen's gambit

legitimately made my cry

basically a show about being neurodivergent (while having an incredible sense of style)

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to be fair i warn ppl making suggestions that i probably wont act on them as i don't even clear my own Q of things i want to watch

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friend: *suggests show to watch*

me: *immediately forgets*

me a few month later: this show is incredible!!! have you watched it?

I want my front door to make little bells sounds like in animal crossing

The official readings are less alarming that what Apple weather says but less conforming than Plume.

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pain & familly 

I've spent so long in my life not having anyone that cared about me. I kinda thought I didn't need it. Being cared for was something other people had; not me.

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pain & familly 

She genuinely cared. If we lived in the same country I'm sure she would have arranged doctor's appointments for me and would have accompanied me. This make me grateful just to know it.

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pain & familly 

I realise that there is only one family member that understands the level of physical chronic pain I am in.

She said that she felt so bad I have had to live like this until now and that it continues.

Makes me want to cry. I don't know if someone understanding makes it more real or just the fact that I haven't had any support and recently it has changed makes me emotional.

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my whole body is in pain

the pain is usual but the brain usually finds way to ignore it

the brain cannot ignore the pain when temperatures are high

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