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The way the pantograph wiggles to follow the catenary.

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The way the drivers slow down to speed limit exactly in time for the indicator to change from "upcoming" to "in effect".

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stares with intensity at the brake air loop manometer of our train car

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i like how 20th century france was like, we need the fasted train AND the fastest plane and we will do it with the power of tax money

switched from flatpak discord to distro package discord and it's so much faster

I’m still very apprehensive about tomorrow’s 38 Celsius.

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I feel like I’m way more resistant to heat then I thought.

Under this economy this seems to be a valuable skill.

"capitalism breads innovation"

french public service from 40 years ago: hold my glass of wine

le ciel va du gris au bleu délavé à cause de la pollution :mario_flop:

que ce soit la température, le soleil ou l’ozone rien ne va c’est terrible

how to stay cool:
•avoid direct sun, stay in shade, use an umbrella
•use a fan with cool water spray
•keep your sheets damp when you sleep
•cover windows with reflective materials: foil, mirrors, etc.
•wear single-layer light, loose but fully skin-covering clothes
•if skin is exposed, use sunscreen (regardless of your hue)
•caffeine, alcohol, and other diuretics are generally unhelpful

any other tips you can share? please chime in.

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