cis software people are always like
"lol lets not add a way to change your username"
"lets make past username history available to anyone"
"lets make username changes into microtransactions"
"im sure it will be fine lol, who needs to change their name anyway"

hi reddit, mojang and microsoft 👁️👁️

this is a threat :blob_cat_knife:

@AgathaSorceress I wonder if there is a really technical reason for that

@elise @AgathaSorceress because usernames are used as identifiers (rather than, idk, like a UUID or something)
it's a classic design mistake imo

@elise @AgathaSorceress ok more than this activitypub doesn't have a provision for aliasing actors
(which is a larger problem imo. like if you had a server available on mainline internet and also tor, there is no way to say the actors @ whatever.onion are the same ones as actors @ for all intents and purposes those are two completely different sets of actors)

@elise @AgathaSorceress AND this is also a problem with xmpp and matrix and i am eternally annoyed by that

@haskal @elise @AgathaSorceress fwiw Matrix' decentralized identities will fix this Somewhere in the Future, by using hashes as actual ids then linking aliases to those

@haskal @AgathaSorceress yeah they are, but couldn’t you send a meta-post containing a username change? I guess it would screw up post ownership on some federated servers. But other than that it seems feasible.

@elise @AgathaSorceress the workaround is account migration, which mastodon has supported to change your username or instance while retaining your following and followers lists, but not your posts

@elise @AgathaSorceress like internally and externally @ username @ instance . tld is what's used to refer to the actor in all contexts, and it's expected to be unique and persistent

@haskal @AgathaSorceress main issue with migration is private accounts, and letting others know they need to follow you again.

@elise @AgathaSorceress
you'd have to federate the change, which is tricky since its the only way of addressing you

If we used UUIDs to identify people instead of their public profile URI it would be easier, unfortunately it has been designed in a way where the handle *is* your public identifier
So different at, different account :/

(and yep it sucks)

@Elisa @elise @AgathaSorceress This was semi-historical wasn't it? Like someone in the early net days figured it would use less space and be easier to remember for everyone to have unique, immutable usernames, and then sort of by tradition of design it stayed that way (I heard it from a databases prof but idk if it's actually true)

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