trans people love carrying around a big heavy backpack full of electronics

latest updates fixed the ACPI errors my laptop had

and it appears capable of going to sleep now, which is unexpected

open street map is way more detailed and precise where i live it's impressive

i should stop contributing to apple and google maps and contribute to OSM instead

i hate youtube translated titles and the fact that you can't disable them

i remember having similar issue when a was using a wifi dongle (the Xbox adapter is a glorified wifi dongle)

it’s strange how Linux can dislike those

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so, suspend on my computer only resumes correctly if I don’t have an Xbox controller adapter plugged in :mario_flop:

(there is probably a way, it's just not documented at all)

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i hate gnome

this is my workaround to focussing a windows when at least one visible window is set as "always on top" or "always on visible workspace" since there is no way to plug an extension after gnome shell choses what window to focus

trans ppl: im trans
society: ok
V lang: V lang functions are pure by default (except ones that do I/O)

It’s a miracle gnome is that good considering the META API and GJS.

un jour il y a un·e ingénieur·e qui à inventé la pâte à proute

bon j'ai un problème : je ne secrète presque plus de larme et je dépend de gouttes pour les yeux

j’espère que mon métabolisme va reprendre le dessus un jour

wondering if i should try iOS 16 public beta

when i'm with students, and expected to lead an interaction, i would always make it clear when i am done and that they are "free to go" without it being rude or anything

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people are bad a terminating interactions

the few interactions i have had in the last days all had in common that i had to ask the other person if we were all set or if they needed something more

is it something that you expect, that when you are leading an interaction, the person you are with should ask you if the interaction is finished? or would you make it clear without getting asked?

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