I just started rewriting my novel. 36 pages today, 12 000 words. My goal is to wrote about half that every day, and have something ready to be published before the end of the year. The Stellaris 15 still has 49% battery left, so about 5 hours. I'm impressed!

@thelinuxEXP novel? About what?

Also unrelated, I'm going to be in Rennes for about a month. Any suggestions what to do in Bretagne?

Thxs 😊


@AlejandroP @thelinuxEXP
If you can take the TER ( ~13€ ) you can go to nantes and there is a lot to see.
The Machine de l'ile are great, le Chateau des Ducs de bretagne too.
There is also the LU tower, the Jardin des plantes, etc ...
They have a whole website for tourist : levoyageanantes.fr/en/

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